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Getting that Elusive 9: Writing

So how do IELTS Niners do it? I’ve been going though some review materials and this is an update of the things I’m learning. Hopefully this will all help us get that elusive nine for whatever reason we are trying to achieve them.


  • Just like any other section, this is a timed test.


  • Task One is  report based on some graphic information. It could be one of the five forms: line graph,  bar graph, pie chart, table or diagram illustrating a process. The shown information must be described in a report of no less than 150 words.
  • In this task, you are not asked to give your opinion. Just describe the graph objectively.
  • You might want to use the following Guidelines in crafting your answer:

    Does the report have a suitable structure?

    • Does it have an introduction, body and conclusion?
    • Does it include connective words to make the writing cohesive within sentences and paragraphs?

    Does the report user suitable grammar and vocabulary?

    • Does it include a variety of sentence structure?
    • Does it include a range of appropriate vocabulary?

    Does the report meet the requirements of the task?

    • Does it meet the word requirements?
    • Does it describe the whole graph adequately?
    • Does it focus on the important trends presented in the graph?


    • Task Two is an essay based on given topic. You should be able to create a writeup of no less than 250 words.
    • The essay should have a structure: introduction, body and conclusion.
    • Focus on the topic and avoid inconsistencies.
    • Structure and cohesion should be evident within and between paragraphs and within and between  sentences.

    There. I hope that helps. Next post will be for speaking. If you have other suggestions or pointers to share, post them on the comments below so we can help one another get that elusive 9.Ü

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