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Charlie’s Bible Memorization Plan

I have hidden your word in my heart
that I might not sin against you.

Psalm 119:11

One of the Goals I’ve set this year is to memorize scripture. I have not formed the details of it yet to make it more realistic. I’ve seen many Bible Memorization Plans but most of them I will not look twice because it is not very encouraging to the faint hearted. 🙂  Thankfully, I found Charles Hayward’s Bible Memorization Plan from Our Daily Bread. It is highly customizable (It’s only now that I found out that there is such a word :P). These are the mechanics:

  1. Choose at least one verse from each Old Testament Book (39 verses).
  2. Choose at least one verse from each New Testament Narrative Book (6 verses).
  3. Choose a verse or verses from each Chapter of the New Testament Epistles (121 verses)

That’s a minimum of 166 verses. But I doubt if one will ever stop at just 166. The scripture is the Word of God. Once it speaks to you, I doubt if you will ever forget those spoken words. And I think I’ll add another rule.

  • No cheating. Do not include verses you’ve already memorized.

So there. Care to join me in my quest? O God, please help me not procrastinate. 😉

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