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To My Beloved

Got first acquainted with him middle 2008, I think. I cannot exactly remember. But I’m quite sure he remembers it (His memory is so sharp he’s memorized the product key of Windows AND Microsoft installers). Actually spoke with him in September. Was in an “official” relationship with him by November (the “world” knew about it by December). Was engaged to him by August. Married him December 2009. Fast huh?

He was never slow. He was the bravest man my mom has ever known. One of the most respectful men my dad has ever met. Has become a brother to my brothers (they all look alike, it was as if I was the “adopted” one). A provider to his family. A pillar to his siblings. A beloved kuya to his cousins. An example to be imitated according his aunts. “Mahal” to me.

To the man who changed my surname to what it is today: Happy Birthday.
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