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Happy Birthday, Little Brother!

October 10, 2010 1 comment

I’m older than him by 11 years. So I’ve seen him since his infancy. Been mad at him because he wouldn’t stop crying even if I’ve already given him everything. Found time to think during our daily bike ride every afternoon until he fell asleep on the sidecar. Rolled over with laughter for every new trick he learned who-knows-where. Bathed him before going to sunday school.

This is Maki and Me. I think he is two years old here.

It is much easier when he began schooling. He doesn’t need much supervision to learn. He’s the smartest of the siblings. We just need to push him to make his assignments or insist that he review his lessons before the tests, which he thinks is not necessary since he says he knows them all.

Difficult part is when went to college. We’re not used to the idea of not seeing him everyday. He has become the source of laughter in the home, second to dad. We never got used to it.

Today, he’s turned 18. A young man to everyone else but will always be a little brother to me.

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Happy Birthday, Mayk

Mico: That’s how we call him when he was just a kid. Fastest running in school. So smart, he is a threat to all  the institutionalized honor student for fear he will steal their crown.

This is Mayk and Me when I was four.

Mike: In Highschool. A consistently coping student but he always managed to pass the tests required to make him stay. Still, I’ll forever envy him for having the chance to study at the school for the smartest kids in the country. 

Mayk: In college. The fastest runner in the university. He’s won competitions, so many, his medals are just scattered at home. A silent rebel, you will never know unless he tells you himself. Thank God he never left Mayk. He, again, met God and found the passion of his life. Oh, and he invited me to join him and experience things I would not have seen had I stayed in my little circle.

Now at 27, he continues on living a passionate life, with his wife. And I continue on being challenged on pursuing my own passion.

Happy Birthday, Kuya. 🙂
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Happy Father’s Day, Papa

This is me and him when I was four. I miss being his little girl.
Happy Father’s Day, Papa. I love you. 🙂


Happy Father's Day, Papa


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Mommy Peewee’s Birthday

Spent our Monday with Mommy Peewee and Aaron’s siblings. Amazing to observe how Mommy Peewee was loved by those around her. Aaron wouldn’t miss her birthday for the world. Her “flock” went all the way from Batangas to be with her. And her long time friends celebrated the day with her…at the SPA.:)

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Happy 52nd Birthday, Papa.

I used to call him Papa. But one day, Maki came home from school and began calling him Dad. So there, Dad. 🙂

Anyway, we celebrated his birthday last Sunday. Been a long time since the last time we were in the same place…complete. But that day? Yep, we’re all there.

Married couples in the family 🙂

Oh! We have to make sure that the baby is not out-of-place. Peace, Maki! 😀

Happy Birthday Dad! Praying for more years to come, blessings, wisdom, health and wealth. I love you!

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