The “Yes” Day

2 years today, I gave the  ‘yes’ that put an end to my singleness.


And the "Yes" was sealed by this ring. 🙂


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Wisdom Strokes

Dreams are not negotiable.
Paulo Coelho
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Aren’t you glad you married me? :)

I love the story told about Pete Flaherty, mayor of Pittsburgh, and his wife, Nancy. They were standing on the sidewalk, surveying a city construction project, when one of the laborers at the site called out to them. “Nancy, remember me?” he asked. “We used to date in high school.”

Later, Pete teased her. “Aren’t you glad you married me? Just think, if you had married him, you would be the wife of a construction worker.”

Nancy looked at him and said, “No, if I’d married him, he would be the mayor of Pittsburgh!”

<Haha! Don’t you just love Nancy? :D>

– From Moment Together For Couples (March 8, 2010 Entry)

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It’s an automatic thing.

November 10, 2010 3 comments

Atche: Ate, any advice before I get married?
Ami: Che, it’s an automatic thing. When you get there you just know what to do.
Atche: Talaga?
Ami: Yep.

I said that because that’s the same answer I got from an Ate (who’s now my marriage god parent) YEARS before I got married.

And I actually believed what I said. Now, thinking about it, I think I should have said more. When I got married, I don’t automatically know how to cook, or be a homemaker, or be a wife, or be married person in a group of single women, et cetera, et cetera. It’s just that, now, I found the courage, or at least an additional reason, to finally learn things (either by asking others to teach me or by trial and error) because I have to so I’d fit into the new role I’m in.

I have to ask my mom to dictate to me how to cook certain dishes. I have this notebook where I wrote all the recipes I learned from mom or from someone else. Aaron frequently jokes about hiding the notebook to test if I’ve come to learn how to cook the dishes by heart. I normally threaten him to be prepared to eat a horrible meal if he does that. 😀

I had to relearn how to do the laundry. The last time I did the laundry was way back in high school. Thank God, Aaron bought me an automatic washing machine. I just had to plug the tubes, put in the clothes, press buttons, and after a few minutes, presto: Clean Clothes. 😉

Chores are just one of the things I have to learn. Marriage has so many facets than an obsessive-compulsive person can actually handle. Of course, I don’t have to do them all at the same time. I just had to face them as they come. If I don’t know what to do, I ask questions or take risks. If I was able to handle it successfully, well and good. If not, I try my best to say sorry to those affected by the decision and count the experience as lesson learned. And you know what’s good about all this? I don’t have to do it alone. I have my God and my beloved, not just as companions but as partakers of this journey with me.

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Paycashbux 3rd Payment

I’d probably run this Paycashbux Nth Payment posts for a month just to see how much can I actually make in Paycashbux. Afterwhich, i’ll just write a monthly digest of it, just to keep track of my progress and, of course, to encourage you to click with me. 🙂 You may view my previous payment proofs here and here. As for now, here’s my third payment proof.

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Wisdom Strokes

Minds are like parachutes – they only function when they are open.
Paulo Coelho
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Paycashbux 2nd Payment

November 3, 2010 1 comment

Below is the screen shot of the next payment I was referring to on my last post about Paycashbux.

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