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Paycashbux 3rd Payment

I’d probably run this Paycashbux Nth Payment posts for a month just to see how much can I actually make in Paycashbux. Afterwhich, i’ll just write a monthly digest of it, just to keep track of my progress and, of course, to encourage you to click with me. 🙂 You may view my previous payment proofs here and here. As for now, here’s my third payment proof.

If you also want to earn through Paycashbux, click their logo below.

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Paycashbux 2nd Payment

November 3, 2010 1 comment

Below is the screen shot of the next payment I was referring to on my last post about Paycashbux.

If you also want to earn through Paycashbux, Sign up HERE.

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Paycashbux 1st Payment

October 30, 2010 2 comments

Below is the screenshot of the payment I received from Paycashbux through my Paypal account soon after I’ve upgraded my account to a Diamond account. Sure I can earn without upgrading but it will take a really long time.

Paycashbux 1st Paypal payment soon after upgrade.

From experience, I had to wait 7 days after cashout to receive my earnings. But that’s fine. That’s a normal protocol for most Paid-to-Click sites. Besides, it is just enough time to earn more and request for payout again as soon as the previous cashout is received through your Paypal, AlertPay or LibertyReserve account.

I am currently waiting for another cashout so I can request for payout again since my current balance is above the minimum payout amount. 🙂 By the way, the minimum payout for a Diamond account it $1.

My strategy: Don’t do PTC alone. What you can do is to invite your friends to “click” with you. Have them sign up with you as their referrer. That way, a portion of their earnings goes to you. Another is to RENT referrals. Basically, you rent people for 30days to be your referrals so that a portion of their earnings goes to you. Renting of referrals is at $0.05 per month. Cheap right? 🙂

If you also want to earn through Paycashbux, Sign up HERE.

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How to Earn from PTC Sites

How do we earn from these PTC Sites? Just follow the steps below:

  1. Create an Email Account. If you already have one, proceed to step 2.
  2. Sign up for a Payment Processor Account. You may opt to for PayPal or Alertpay. I recommend creating both accounts. Make sure to have those accounts verified because most PTC Sites require verified accounts.
  3. Sign up on the PTC Sites listed below. There are so many of them to choose from. I’ve taken the risk of checking the sites to see which are scam PTC sites and which are not. I will update this post as soon I found another legitimate PTC site.
  4. Click Everyday. 4 clicks a day for every site you signed up should do the trick. But most of them offer more than 4 clicks. Why not take advantage of all that’s available to earn more right?
  5. Monitor your earnings. Once your earnings reach  the minimum cashout amount, you can withdraw!
  6. Invite your friends to signup too. That way, you also earn a percentage of what  their earning.
  7. Most PTC sites have the option to rent referrals. Invest your initial earnings to renting referrals. That way, you earn faster.
That’s It! Happy Clicking. 🙂

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Create your own blog. Here’s how.

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From Paper to Electronic Envelopes

I’ve always been OC when it comes to budgeting. I had to make sure I have everything covered otherwise, we will not eat and my brothers will not go to school. Among the items in my list are Tithes, Bills (Electricity, Water, Cellphone Load, Phone and Internet, Rent, Tuition, Medicard), Food, Transportation, Allowances and Maintenance Expense. (Did you notice? No savings. I’m having hard time allocating money for savings then. Thank God, things have changed.)

I remember how I started, way back when internet banking is not yet accessible to me. I used a small notebook to keep track of all the money that comes out of my coin purse (I don’t have a wallet. I find it complicated to use.) I also have a number of envelopes.  And every payday, I put in money in those envelopes. Every envelop is labeled according to my budget categories. Money will only be taken out of these envelops when the schedule to spend the allocated money has come.

Nowadays, there’s electronic banking. When payday comes, one just has to log on and pay bills online. Others have it on automatic deduction so they won’t even have to think about it. Savings and the rest of the bills that are being paid on larger time intervals can be transferred and kept on separate accounts. All other expenses that are being spent on a day-to-day basis can be kept on the payroll account and can be withdrawn at will (provided what the ATM is online). If you want an audit of these bank transactions, you can always ask for a bank statement (of course it will not audit how much money you spent on buying soy sauce, but I think you know what I mean :P). To top that, did you know that one can open a bank account that comes with Life insurance? Yes, there is. 🙂

One might say, but I don’t even have enough money to budget. True. I agree. I was in the same position then. Back in the time when I’m putting money in those envelopes, I always pray that God would multiply it because my salary is not enough, based on my computation. But month after month, I noticed, we were never in lack. Time came when we even have extra money to finally put into savings. 🙂 As mentioned in the Word, “You have been faithful in a few things. I will put you in charge of many things.” I believe that still holds today. So just keep on putting money into those envelopes and be the steward God wants you to be.

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Getting that Elusive 9: Speaking

So how do IELTS Niners do it? Below are the links to the articles I’ve been reading from the British Council site  that I think will be useful for our preparation for the speaking part. Hopefully this will all help us get that elusive nine for whatever reason we are trying to achieve them.

  • Most Important Speaking Skill – This article provides information on: (1) The areas assessed during a Speaking Exam; (2) Tips on Pronunciation; and (3) Possible band scores relative to pronunciation.
  • IELTS Interview Skills – This provides situational what-to-do videos. Sample videos are: (1) What do you do when you didn’t catch the facilitator’s question? And (2) What if the question seem like a yes-or-no question? I’m sure you’ll find the information here, interesting 🙂

There. I hope that helps. If you have other suggestions or pointers to share, post them on the comments below so we can help one another get that elusive 9.Ăś

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